Thursday, 23 October 2008


LEGOWORLD : Great Fun. Great Activation.
Probably, also great Margin.

The past few years, we've seen more and more brands re-think their marketing mix. Simply putting your name on the back of a football team is becoming rather 'last season'. Cleverly, some companies are using their 'brand activation' efforts to generate revenue as well as recall, loyalty, rumour and excitement.

Last Saturday I took my god-son Justin to a great example of this: LegoWorld. All of the existing and new product lines (Pirates, City, Techno, Star Wars, Ferrari, Racers, Indiana Jones, you name it) were featured, as well as a room full of exhibitions by fanatic Lego freaks, who had built scale models of everything from the royal palace and a cruise ship to a roman battle (I tell you, there are some REALLY enthusiastic Lego-heads out there)

The event was efficiently organised and well-sponsored ... and the highlight of every kid's visit was probably a spree in the special Intertoys-Lego toy shop.

Let's see: they brought together and celebrated brand ambassadors; they drove communication together with JETIX kids TV channel; gave their core users an unforgettable day, they introduced new product lines, provided opportunities to play with (and want) existing toys. All conveniently timed... just before the Sinterklaas gift buying season.

So many people turned up that the radio news reported a LegoWorld trafic jam. AND they charged every guest 15 euros for entry, 8 euros for parking, 3 euros for candy floss and 3 euros for a sandwich. Then again... they also gave 10% discount on the Lego at the shop.

Great Activation.

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