Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Actually, no. Fronteer Strategy isn’t ‘just’ another consulting firm, but one with a clear idea of why, how and what. The ‘double e’ is a conscious typo (thanks for warning me though, mum) that refers to our backgrounds: engineer, marketeer… and anthropologist. We apply our wide variety of interests and experience to develop clutter-cutting marketing strategy: innovation, co-creation and brand development.
As our name suggests, our main interest is in the ‘new’ and ‘unknown’. Whether it be new strategies, new markets, new concepts or products; we enjoy being ‘out there’ with our clients on the frontiers, where new value is created. 
No offense to other consulting firms, but I think we can honestly claim some points on the interesting-o-meter. The company was founded by Martijn Pater and myself, James Veenhoff. Martijn is an engineer with 8 years of consulting experience. Prior to launching Fronteer, he rode his motorbike from Amsterdam to China and back – as well as inventing, developing and marketing a new soft-shell helmet for outdoor & active sports. My own background is in growth strategy, and I have extensive experience in the fashion and luxury brand industry. My main field of expertise is brand strategy, specializing in the so-called niche, new luxury and ‘vanguard’ brands.  Due to my work as co-founder of Amsterdam International Fashion Week, I have also become very interested in Urban Development and hope to make use of my expertise in this area too.


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