Monday, 23 March 2009


We have started an ambitious co-creation project for one of the largest financial services in The Netherlands. Since financial products are becoming a commodity, and white label products are starting to appear, large companies have to re-evaluate why they exist. 

Our client is looking at it roots and what it can do for entrepreneurs. Where is the added value? One of the participants in a recent session was inspired by our clients challenge. See his tweet on the left. A start of something great?

I love it when a plan does not fall apart straight from the start..

Monday, 9 March 2009


The basis for development aid is fragile, people are becoming more critical when it comes to their 'well spend' money, and the crisis is not helping... Investors think twice before they invest in projects, let alone consumers like you and me. And if we do invest, we sure as hell like to know what happened to our money! Where did it go, how is it used and what are the results?

These issues were part of the discussion in a very interesting Rooftop session we did last week for Butterfly Works. As Fronteer we were appealed by their refreshing approach towards the development sector so we decided to support them by investing in a Rooftop session.

We brought together a very diverse combination of parties in the development sector as well as creative and more commercial minds. This led to very inspiring discussions and even more interesting and innovative ideas to start doing things differently. In stead of competing, organisations see important opportunities arise to combine their strengths, co-create and work together to reach what are in the end, common goals.

So what seemed as two worlds apart at first, appeared to merge smoothly during the day and led to surprising new insights... We're up for some innovation and co-creation in development aid, that's for sure!