Monday, 1 December 2008



Last week, our partners XS4ALL (Holland's premier internet provider) celebrated 15 years of internet in the Netherlands. All subscribers were invited to take part in a conference called FIFI (hence the pink dog) which stands for Fear It or Fix It.

To comemmorate this special occasion, XS4ALL and Fronteer Strategy collaborated on an 'Inspiration Book' called ">5" : 26 visions of what the internet is expected to 'bring' us in the next 5 years. Rather than carting out the 'usual suspect' internet gurus, we decided to 'keep it real' by asking 'normal people' about their fears, hopes and expectations of the next 5 years online.

A primary school teacher, an Alderman, a police detective, the director of a Museum; this kind of people. A total of 26 different stories, from all walks of life, about what the internet will do to classrooms, democracy, profiling villains and interacting with science. What it taught me? That there really is not 1 internet - but many different internets all tied into one.

">5" is printed in Dutch only and so far, unfortunately it's not for sale. However, anyone who feels they would be inspired by it, please drop me a line at We have a couple of copies that i would gladly share.

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