Wednesday, 10 December 2008



Amsterdam Topstad is an ambitious project initiated by alderman Lodewijk Asscher, to mobilise entrepreneurs and individuals into a movement to get Amsterdam in the Top 5 lists of most popular, succesful, habitable, etc, etc cities of the world. The Topstad team organise regular 'inspiration & network' meetings to keep the fires burning.

Yesterday's session (charmingly organised at a former pathology lab) focused on consequences of 'The Crisis' and what it means in terms of challenges and opportunities for Amsterdam. Guest lecturer was none less than Tyler Brulee, founder of our Wallpaper and Monocle (our favourit magazine of the moment) - arguably one of the world's most inspiring lights on the topics of 'How to make urban living as rich as possible'.

To my surprise, out of all the issues that contribute to pleasant urban living and successful urban development, he zoomed in on RECOGNITION as the most important. Being recognised in the street, bakers' shop and by neighbours, apparently contributes so much to feeling at home, that it is central to successful neighbourhoods. An interesting one to think about.

He made another point that struck me more directly: having "A PLAN", preferably a clear and simple one, and sticking to it, was the best way to attract talent, business and residents. He also mentioned international connectivity (airports) and seamless urban transport as a key part of successful cities: so that you can get as much out of your urban day as possible.

More about successful cities: (great magazine!)

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